Genesis Avvocati  supports companies and other business entitities both italian and foreign in their daily activities.


The Firm provides his Clients with a high quality full-service corporate legal assistance and specifically: the incorporation of undertakings and companies, joint-venture, strategic    partnerships; drafting and dealing  of sale and purchase contracts, shareholders’ agreements, articles of association and by-laws, the drafting of minutes of Shareholders and Board of Directors’meetings, providing assistance and supervison over all the legal issues closely related to the planning of extraordinary corporate transactions such as capital increase, issuing of bonds, mergers and acquisitions, demergers, contribution to capital and other transactions with related party.


The Firm’s expertise is not limited to the assessment and analysis of the issues related to the Competition and Antitrust Law in Italy; in fact, according to any companies’specific need, it provides the assistance required to perform in the wider EU regulatory framework.



Our professionals have developed a unique capacity to manage litigation and other procedures for resolving disputes that involve complex multi-jurisdictional issues, in courts both in Italy and abroad.


For all cases they work on, our professionals use their experience and suitable resources to support their work, such as software, personal flexibility and research skills.


On various occasions, our litigation team has also been involved in forms of alternative dispute resolution like national and international arbitration and settlements.



The Law Firm has the necessary experience and passion to provide a complete range of legal services for a vast range of commercial agreements and provides advice to companies and commercial players in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contacts, including contracts linked to supply arrangements, franchising, transport, merchandising, distribution, agency, project financing, sale and purchase of companies, sale and purchase of stocks and shares in companies, assignment, licences for the use of trademarks and other industrial property rights.


Our commercial Law team provides assistance to clients for issues linked to the day-to-day management of companies and assists its clients in identifying any existing shortcomings and protecting their interests in contractual agreements and negotiations.


Our team also has experience in the management of commercial relations between companies and is able to carry out legal due diligence activities and checks on the organisation and structuring of commercial relations of companies and businesses.



Genesis Avvocati provides assistance to national and international banks and financial intermediaries regarding consolidation issues and the running of banking and financial businesses, issues relating to financial statement activities, as well as regulatory and compliance issues, including corporate governance and anti-money laundering legislation.


Our lawyers are experts in drafting banking and financial contracts in addition to different types of loan agreements. They add value to our clients’ businesses thanks to their knowledge of the market and the regulatory framework governing businesses, thanks to the quality of the advice they offer and their strong work ethic.


The partners and professionals of the banking and financial law department work closely with their colleagues in the corporate law and tax law departments to ensure a range of specific services and complete and integrated assistance for clients.



When assisting Italian clients that are commencing new ventures abroad, the professionals at the Law Firm conduct an analysis of the legislation of the foreign state the client is interested in operating in and examine the different corporate structures that could be used for the investment and, based on this work, they outline the options and different means of operating in the foreign country to the client. All of the above is carried out in close collaboration with the Law Firm’s foreign correspondents.


Aside from an examination of corporate structures, the assistance offered by the professionals at the Law Firm includes an analysis of the foreign country’s tax system. In this regard, our qualified team provides technical support and essential experience to enable clients to identify the best line of action in their entrepreneurial venture in foreign countries.


Our professionals provide assistance to foreign clients wishing to invest in Italy, taking into consideration their different experiences and backgrounds.



The team of expert professionals in employment law is proud to work closely with our clients either at the Law Firm’s premise or at our clients’ offices, in order to provide the necessary legal assistance within a constantly evolving legislative context and also to deal proactively with the issues that are submitted on a daily basis.


Our experience gives us the ability to anticipate and provide solutions in all employment law aspects, thanks also to the continual synergy with the professionals in other departments, such as the corporate law and tax law teams.



The Law Firm has significant experience in Tax law and provides sophisticated fiscal planning to Italian and foreign companies through a series of tax due diligence activities with the purposes of verifying the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures adopted by its clients in terms of direct and indirect taxes, VAT and other applicable taxes.


Genesis Avvocati Milan offers services including examination of corporate structures and analysis of tax laws in foreign states in order to allow its clients to assess the expediency of conducting business deals in those countries, as well as analysing the international aspects relating to the transfer of revenues (operating income, royalties, etc.) in Italy.


In this area, the Law Firm has provided assistance to Italian companies in the incorporation of new companies in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and the United States. The Law Firm has also provided advice to its clients regarding the creation of joint ventures between Italian and foreign companies.


In the event of tax disputes, Genesis Avvocati Milan is able to represent its clients before Tax Commissions and the Court of Cassation, as it has experience and familiarity with all types of taxes, including: income taxes, capital gains taxes, VAT, stamp duty, property taxes, etc. with an extremely high percentage of success based on the level / value of the taxes being verified by the respective Courts.